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ChillElectroLiveLive Electronic: Haywyre – Smooth Criminal

Haywyre - Smooth Criminal

So today I was browsing recent music, and I stumbled upon this diamond piece of music. Not only does Haywyre do a LIVE remix of Michael Jackson’s smooth criminal, but he completely blows every musical neuron in my brain. This Milwaukee based producer adds amazing synth’s to put a little bit of extra funk to this MJ track. However Haywyre decided to not post this track to soundcloud, because it’s more of a visual experience of his music genius than anything. Anyways, grab the free download below AFTER you watch this amazing live performance. Enjoy!

Haywyre – Smooth Criminal | Free Download |

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Chill: Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight (Sunsquabi Remix)

Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight (Sunsquabi Remix)

We all know this song from the famous drum break, and even some of us from the movie “The Hangover”. However, Phil Collins isn’t the only one that can make “In the Air Tonight” a jamming song. A trio consisting of a guitarist/producer Kevin Donohue, bassist Andrew Clymer, and drummer Chris Anderson, puts some funk twist into this tune. This Colorado trio has created also remixes which are listed below. For now, download and jam out to some Sunsquabi!

(Its also a pretty fun band name to say…. Sunsquabi….)

Phil Collins – In the Air Tonight (Sunsquabi Remix)

Additional remixes and collabs

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Electro: Alison Wonderland – I Want U (GANZ Flip)

Ganz - I Want You

So Alison Wonderland (pretty cool name too), and EDM artist from Australia, releases her brand new Calm Down EP. But right away, GANZ decides to take a flip to her wicked track. This EDM artist from Netherlands takes a stab at this track and completely destroys it (in a good way, I might add).

Anyways, Ganz is a producer I just stumbled upon yesterday, and this guy makes banging music. He can take a good song, and make it great; A talent that does not come around often. Below are some of my favorite remixes by this guy, including a remix of A$AP Rocky, RL Grime, and What So Not. Definitely give this guy a couple minutes of your time and listen to his tunes. You won’t regret it!

Alison Wonderland – I Want U (GANZ Flip) | Free Download |

A$AP Rocky – Ghetto Symphony (GANZ Flip) | Free Download |

RL Grime x What So Not – Tell Me (GANZ Flip) | Free Download |

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Dance: Lenno – Never Stop (Durante Remix)

Lenno - Never Stop (Durante Remix)

Last year as an OWSLA intern Durante came out with a few jams, that really stood out for me. He’s different, and that’s what we need right now. The remix is rad, peeps need to take notice. Peace.

Lenno – Never Stop (Durante Remix)

Bonus Noise – Durante – Encounters (Original Mix)

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Disco: Solidisco (feat. Skyy) – Top Of The World (Radio Edit)

Solidisco (feat. Skyy) - Top Of The World (Radio Edit)

To start off the year, Solidisco releases their first track under Ultra Records, and dang, is it impressive. Using vocals from the funky disco band Skyy, Solidisco gives this song a funky 90’s vibe to lift all of your spirits. This song will have you dancing, or just make you feel great in general. Please give them a heart on Hype Machine, and stream the song down below!

Solidisco (feat. Skyy) – Top Of The World (Radio Edit)

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Dubstep: Butch Clancy – Paradiso

Butch Clancy - Paradiso

Butch Clancy does the usual, and drops and insane track for all of you. Apparently he has been messing around with this one for awhile, but it makes it that much better when you turn it up to full volume and blast it. In addition, he gives you this as a free download. One word of advice when listening, make sure the volume is turned all the way up, enjoy!

Butch Clancy – Paradiso

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