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Nadastrom x Sabo – HARD Miami Moombahton Massive Mix: Start A 30 Minute Moombahton Dance Party Anywhere

Yo so the reason this mix was created was to promote the fact that there is an event during Miami Music Week Called HARD Miami Moombahton Massive. This was an event I already planned on going to anyway so I figured all of you should know about it too. Now for all of you who are like, well what the fuck Greg I’m not gonna be in Miami you bastard. This mix is some like stright FIRE, it’s actually all three of them (Dave Nada, Matt Nordstrom And Up and Comer Sabo) at the same time. Pretty dope right? See there is something for everyone just like I promised. Enjoy.

Nadastrom x Sabo – HARD Miami Moombahton Massive Mix

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