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Noisia – Imperial EP (Full Stream)

Noisia! Noisia! Noisia!

I can always expect AMAZING things from this dutch trio… even if its from a genre I usually do not enjoy. These guys kind of took drum & bass to a new level in my mind with this new EP out today.

Made up of four songs they had “lying around for awhile,” Imperial is so well produced and conceived that I am willing to say that it is the best drum & bass EP I have heard to date.

Every track is equally amazing in its own right and some of you might recognize them from their live sets.

So please take time to listen to this amazing EP brought to you by the creative genius of Noisia.

My two favorites are the first two tracks Imperial and Tryhard. If you don’t have time to check out the whole thing these two are the Noisias You Should Hear (lol see what I did there).

Here’s what Noisia said about these two beautiful tracks.

Imperial w/ Phace

Phace came out to Groningen again, as he tends to do, to do music. We started this one without working on the main groove first, Florian had brought this awesome chord progrssion. We made the intro and progression from it, which is quite different musically from our normal stuff. Then we went a bit theatrical with the music, i guess we kind of suprised ourselves with the intensity of the drop. But it was refreshing to do. And it´s been going down rather well in our sets..


This is an older track that has had quite a few incarnations. It used to be called ´lomp´, which translates to crude, or blunt. We had it lying around unfinished for a long time, and a certain youtube set rip was getting a lot of love, so we figured we’d finish it. Changed the mix, added a rollout section, etc. One of the inspriations for this track is Bad Company – ‘Dogfight’.. such a sick tune.

Noisia – Imperial EP

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