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The Best Sets Of Camp Bisco Eleven

Let’s just start off with saying that every set at Bisco, was absolutely incredible. I really don’t know what it is, but when artists come and play at Bisco, they really just leave it all out on the stage. I’m sure it has something to do with the crowd, but when I say they bring it. I mean they f**king bring that s**t. However there are always the artists that surprise you, I mean these sets just straight up knock you out, and when you come to the only thing you can even do is say something along the lines of “Well that was F**king RAD!!!! I mean that’s what I was saying at least. So here is a list and short review of every artist/act that deserves more than just a mention. I’m gonna do my best to put these in order, but whatever.

The M Machine

Now I saw him at Electric Forest as well, I believe he was playing basically the same time slot as well. Now there is a second person to this act, but I am sure there were good reasons for the absences at these past festivals. None the less, this set was just as incredible (probably even better) as his bout at the Forest. Even though some of the tracks were the same, the repeats were a welcome addition. Especially, the track by Kill The Noise and Datsik named “Light Speed”, which will forever be one of my favorites. The stage area was not packed, but the energy still filled every corner of that tent. It, was nothing short of awesome.

Passion Pit – Take A Walk (The M Machine Remix)

Zeds Dead

I was worried that since Zed’s Dead was playing the 7 p.m. time slot that, the vibe was not going to be the right, and I could not have been more wrong. They had the main stage, and from start to finish they also had the entire crowd in a complete frenzy. They played jams everybody wanted to hear, and a few that people had not heard in awhile. Plus they even played some new tracks from their then Upcoming EP (now released) called “The Living Dead”. My favorite was probably “Crank” although “Cowboy” is such a dope track as well. I feel as though it fell flat with the crowd, but if Omar Linx was their to actually do it live with them, it would have been a completely different story for sure. Needless to say, that set was talked about for the rest of the festival. Yeah, it was just that memorable.

Zeds Dead – Crank

Zeds Dead – Guest Mix For MistaJam


Skrillex- Camp Bisco 11- Make That Booty Clap (Video)

All of my homies were at Skrillex, but I needed to get ready for an interview. So I was not able to catch the entire set. From what I collect, and from what I heard people talking about, Skrillex is going to be a main stager for life. I’m going to have to agree with the masses, because the forty five minutes I did catch were pretty amazing, I even got to hear him drop “Tarantula”. Which is probably my favorite Pendulum track (R.I.P.), a fact that I thought was pretty impressive, since every other artist was just paying homage to Knife Party it seemed.

Pendulum – Tarantula

Kill The Noise

Now Kill The Noise holds a special place in my heart, for the shear fact that two Bisco’s ago, I attempted to go see him, and his set got shut down due to lightning. He is by far one of my favorite electro/dubstep acts to see live, and I remember being so disappointed. This time around was a very different experience. I honestly am not sure that even KTN has seen a crowd of people that large react liem that to his jams. The entire B.I.G. tent was filled with people jumping into the air. It was something you could really tell KTN saw, and appreciated. Like I said, very different then the last time he was there.

Kill The Noise & Dillion Francis – Dill The Noise

Zedd B2B Porter Robinson

Zedd & Porter Robinson set START CAMP BISCO XI 2012

Dope 8 Minute Video, With An Extra Special Bass Cannon Rendition About 5 minutes In

Ok so nobody told me that this was going to happen, but it did, and I loved every second of it. Zedd played for what felt like forty five minutes, and then all of a sudden I see a second person on the stage. I immediately realize who it was, and before I can turn around and tell my crew what’s happening, Zedd gets on the mic and explains to the crowd, that for the first time ever, Zedd and Porter Robinson will be doing back to back DJ set together. Everybody freaked, I freaked, what came after that was some of the tastiest electro jams I have ever heard before, I wish I could have seen that twice. Oh yeah, and I may have been dreaming, but after Zedd got off stage and it was just Porter, I’m pretty positive that Skrillex came on for a little bit as well. I mean, The B.I.G. tent was owned by OWLSA for the night, so it would only make sense for that to happen right?

Nobody Beats The Drum

Not enough people know about this trio of DnB madmen, who just destroy dance floors everywhere they it seems. I saw them for the first time, at the Silent Disco Last year, at bisco actually. Which is a good thing because I knew that I needed to see them again this year, their set killed, but like I said before. More people need to recognize the talent of NBTD, seriously.

Nobody Beats The Drum – Poisson Vert (Original Mix)

Killabits **

Man oh man, am I glad I made it to this one. Also I’m glad that I dragged a bunch of people here too. They had a 3 30 p.m. set time, which I found a little ridiculous, but hey all of my friends made it, and we all raged to some of the best dubstep Toronto has to offer. Seriously, they dropped tracks from Zeds Dead, and Adventure Club. Then they dropped remixes they actually did with them, some old, some brand spankin new. They played some of the most intense dubstep, probably at that entire festival this year. They seriously rocked my socks, not to mention the fact that it set the tone for the rest of the second day, which proved to be a really f**cking amazing one. Oh yeah, and they ended their set with Nirvana’s Teen Spirit” and walked off stage. Everybody went from vibrating there bodies to head banging in no time flat. I don’t think one person got out of that tent until the track was over. That’s a good sign to the artist that you absolutely killed it, and they really really did.

Adventure Club – Wait (The Killabits Remix)

Emancipator (Live) With Special Guests **

Emancipator Live @ Camp Bisco 2012 – with Inspired Flight & Molly from Paper Tiger

Ok now not to downplay Lotus, who were my gateway band into this scene so many years ago. But whoever missed Emancipator to see Lotus (unless you have never seen them before) is a newbie, and I feel sorry for you. It was not even just Emancipator, it was him live. Do you even know how rare and amazing that is. Oh and durting his entire, artists from all over the festival came on to join him on a jam or two, Including Bonobo (who I will talk about next) and Dominic Lalli, who is the saxophone player for Big Gigantic (hands down my favorite act in the scene right now). Even Molly from Paper Tiger and Inspired Flight, were there for a few songs. It was nuts, the set took everybody who was there on a magical journey that none of us will ever forget. It was the only possible replacement for Shpongle, and it totally worked. Thank you so much for everybody who was involved in setting up that one, it was unforgettable.

Bonobo (DJ Set)

In the media tent I heard whispers of things like, don’t miss Bonobo’s set, it’s going to be out of this world. Things of that nature. I knew that all of my friends would be at Dada Life, but I could not resist skipping them. I had seen bonobo once before at brooklyn bowl over a year and a half ago. He was not even headlining, and I couldn’t tell you who he was opening for. I do remember how floored I was by his set though, and I was very excited to see what new tricks he had up his sleeve. What I heard next was nothing short of incredible. At first I wasn’t even really sure what I was listening to, it was deep and bassy and fresh, definitely something I had never really heard before. Which makes a person like me very anxious, but as the minutes passed I began to understand what was happening. The tracks he was playing besides a few of his most recognizable ones, were all new to me. And I believe he was playing a bunch from a new album of his that may be coming out soon? Anyways, I’ve decided to give him the genre of “Underwater Primate Future Bass”. Which is actually every fitting if you know the translation of his production name.

BONOBO : Boiler Room Mix : Feb 2012

Mimosa **

Ok, so this is definitely in my top three of the whole festival. I had seen him at ULTRA and I had seen him at Forest, but his late night Bisco set was just ridcahlous. I mean talk about throwing down that trap music. He had the whole crowd shaking their elbows to the beat by the end of his set. His originals all killed, but it was his homage to Flosstradamus that really set the crowd the f**k off. Everybody left that tent at the end of the night, with a smile on their face and a new love love for that trap muzik. Which is awesome, because Trap & Moombah are totes the next big thing.

Sun & Moon feat. Richard Bedford (MiMOSA Remixxx)

Flosstradamus & DJ Sliink – Test Me

Minnesota **

Wooooooo…. Minnesota is by far my favorite underground dubstep producer for sure. I convinced all of my friends, and some random people along the way to join me, and we were all very grateful to be there. It was exactly what I hoped it would be, some of the chillest dubstep beats to the best Hip Hop a white boy could ask for. He even had a few VIP remix surprises in there for all of us too. Most people didn’t notice, but I sure did, and I sure appreciated it too.



Fools Gold Clubhouse Curated Tent**

Now I did an entire preview article about this one, so I am not going to give you a bunch of paragraphs about this magical tent that only occurred, on the last day of the festival. However, if somehow you didn’t see this at all, I feel so sorry for you. I spent every free moment raging to Disco and Moombah and Trap all day here. JWLS killed it, Codes killed it, I heard Mr. MFN eXquire was a beast on stage and Nick Catchdubs and Craze. Are you f**cking kidding me. Nick Catchdubs is half of the Fools Gold label, the dude is a boss, he murdered the decks, and Craze? F**k yeah, that set was absolutely dope, I cannot wait to see him like a million times, now that I’m back in Miami. I was very pleased with the Fool’s gold curated tent, I will be frequenting often at Counterpoint Music Festival as well.


Nick Catchdubs – 666 RACKZ

Big Gigantic

Big Gigantic At Camp Bisco Eleven

Ok so this really is not fair, because Big Gigantic is my favorite act in the whole world, but if they are at a festival, you just know. I believe they were there all three days actually. It is obvious how much they are loved and respected by other artists, fans, media, everybody. It’s like people just wan’t to be better people when they are around. It’s a pretty amazing thing to think about actually. Oh, and their set? Well there set was absolute fire, they played mostly new tracks off of their Nocturnal, but the ones they played from their older albums, were gems. Everybody appreciated every song that they played, they even played their cover of “Icarus” by Madeon. Which was a very pleasant surprise for anybody who actually knew what they were listening to.


Bassnectar @ Camp Bisco 11

The Bass isn’t the best, but just look at all those totems, Bassnectar definitely had the biggest crowd of any set of the festival.

Ok so every year for whatever reason there is sound trouble with Bassnectar’s set. Two years ago he could even come on for like twenty extra minutes. This year, his mixer kept knocking out the sound. That being said, only the cry babies cared. That set he played was basically nothing, but fresh material and even during the twenty minutes of stop and go music, nobody cared. In fact, every girl I was with at the set now wants to marry him (It’s true, you can ask them). I cannot wait for him to come out with a fresh mixtape so I can get some of those track titles. Actually, I just can’t wait for a new Bassnectar album. Anyways, he’s just the coolest guy and another one of those people who just change the vibe of the whole festival. I can’t believe how calm he was during that sound B.S. It was almost monk like. In fact, the only bad thing he had to say was to the person who threw an extra large glow stick onto the stage, which apparently hit Bassnectar, so thew kid deserved to be called out in front of everybody as Bassnectar told everybody that the next song was for everybody, but “That Guy”.

Dillon Francis **


Well this was definitely one of the best sets of the festival for sure. From the time he stepped on to the time he stepped off, he had whoever was in the B.I.G. tent doing all sorts of fancy foot moves. The coolest thing about DF is the fact that he just blends so much into just one set. I mean he went from disco, to electro, to Moombah, to Trap, like it was nothing. I even heard a sweet DJ MakJ edit of “Clockwork”, which only like the coolest people around would even know about. When he said to the dance floor that he “Knew what you guys came here for, Some sexy Moombahton” the crowd went apes**t. Everybody grabbed somebody and started grinding and didn’t stop until the music cut out. I personally only dance alone, but when I opened my eyes, I realized there were more than a few girls staring at me basically have sex with the air, and you know what? It wasn’t even a thing, I think they were just impressed with my funky moombah dance thrusts. I mean, with Dillon on the decks, there could just be no other outcome.

Clockwork Vs WAR – Black Lowrider (MAKJ Throwback Edit)

Zoogma **

Finally we have Zoogma, now Zoogma is just one of those bands that are meant for greatness. Since the first time I saw them to this set at Camp Bisco, I have said this exact thing. There sound is fresh and Unique, they have an amazing dynamic as musicians, and in my opinion have the most new talent out of anybody coming from the Dirty South, for sure. The set that they played at 1 a.m. on saturday though, was one of the best things I have ever seen. I mean, they played magnificently, and they knew it too. That was the best part, it was like all of them realizing that after this set nothing for them was ever going to be the same. They, even covered Sub Focus’ “Rock It”, which was definitely one of the craziest things I have ever seen done with instruments. This set, I mean, my friends and are still talking about it.

Zoogma – M10

Cover Photo From Calder Wilson Photography

** = Our Crew’s Favorite Sets


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  1. lilbettyboop says:

    clearly this wasn’t written by a disco biscuits fan. And I’d have to disagree and say that not every set at Bisco was “absolutely incredible,” lol @ Skrillex and Big G. and Bassnectar.

  2. lilbettyboop says:

    and you guys go to Miami for college? like University of Miami? haha let’s meet up and duke it out ;)

    • Scott says:

      Yeah some of us go to UMiami how cool!

    • Greg says:

      Some of us do go to “The U”, and no I am not the biggest Disco Biscuits Fan (that’s my prerogative). Plenty of friends who are though, and I am very happy to see them all working well together again. I think it’s because they all have these super awesome side projects now, and have really gotten back to their roots. The sets I did see them play were all pretty magical, so don’t you go jumpin to conclusions so fast next time, We still know what were talking about. Oh and as for your Skrillex, Big G, and Bassnectar comment, that’s just the haterade talking I hope.

  3. jeff says:

    clearly you like to have a good time, but really you don’t have too much respect for actual music…

    • Greg says:

      Hahahahaahhah, everybody is entitled top there opinion. We have never been to a show together, so I find it hard to believe you actually know who I am, or what I am capable of raging to. Thank you so much for reading, and if your interested in putting out your own opinion about music (because it’s pretty obvious you have one). Email me, we can make that happen.

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