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Bird Peterson – Drankenstein 4

So, Drankenstein is probably the best thing to happen to a car stereo since, well, the car stereo. If you love bumpin fat beats, way too loud, in an abnoxious place, then Drankenstein is your cup of tea. Bird Peterson’s brain child takes the best of the Dirty South and combines it with rad trancy beats, to create the stuff of legend. We have been waiting for his fourth installment for what seems like forever, and Here. It. Is……. Enjoy.

Where U From
Burnin’ Up
Hoe Grinder
What You Chasin’
Did I Dew That?
Show Them Toos
Gucci Roll
Snack Pack Boss
Still Debatin’ On Them 22s
Knuck Knuck Goose
Big Ballin
Know You Hearda That
Just Like That

Bird Peterson – Drankenstein 4

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