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The Best Sets Of Counterpoint – Two Bass Headz Are Better Than One

Scott and I both enjoy all types of music, but it is definitely safe to say that we differ on some of our favorites. It’s because of this, that you now have all these wonderful accounts/best set’s (in our opinion) of this incredible festival. Two heads is always better than one, right?

Greg’s Side

Adventure Club

Let us start off with Adventure Club, who came on right after Abakus in the “Beat Tent”, on the very first night. The set started off right, and there was probably a quarter of the tent filled up. Since this was really the first act I was able to see. I was totally enthralled with them, dancing and skipping on the side of the photo pit. You could almost see the energy growing in that tent, as more and more Counterpointers piled in. The climax came when AC played their most popular track “Wait” (which is totally a thing now). I watched as the entire place (including ourselves) erupted with shouts and cheers of, “They don’t love you like I love you”. It was clear the crowd was saying it to AC… I know I was.


I have been a Run DMT fan, for what seems like forever. I had never actually gotten a chance to see him live though. In fact, I was actually under the impression that there was more than one of them (I was wrong). Run DMT played at the same time as, “Beat Antique”. An amazing act, that I have seen plenty of times. I was stoked from the very start, as Run DMT did his thing, to a totally unsuspecting crowd. In fact, anybody who skipped Beats Antique to see this set, is lucky as hell. It was so gritty and so real. You could totally tell he was pouring all of his energy into the set, and even when he made small mistakes, the crowd was too into it to give a f**k (I was one of them). As the people kept pouring in, Run DMT kept killing his set. I especially liked the “Original Don” remix, he threw down. I couldn’t tell you if it was his or not, but it was definitely top notch. Just like his set at Counterpoint.

Big Gigantic

Ok, I remember seeing Big G at castaways in Ithaca a few years ago. I remember saying it a million times that they were going to be the next Big thing (I have witnesses). Well, I guess I was right people. It was abundantly clear, that Big Gigantic was the reason for people attending Counterpoint on Thursday. This specific set was all everybody was talking about all day. “I can’t wait for Big G” and “BIG G!!!!!!!” were heard often on the line to get in. Counterpointers stereo’s were blaring their jams all over as well.

The set they played was exactly what people came for as well. They opened up with, what seemed to be a new jam, but “Rise and Shine” is the tune that got the entire crowd amped. As the bass pounded you could see the crowd lose all tension, as if a huge wait had been lifted now that Big G was doing there thing. Ok, so since I have been following Big Gigantic for so long, this is definitely just a me thing, but I really wish they played more of their older jams. I kept waiting for tracks from “Fire It Up” and “Wide Awake” all summer. I think I just really miss hearing them played live. I don’t want to take anything away from their Counterpoint set though, it was fantastic. Their “Icarus” cover killed, and their newest track “Let’s Go” is without a doubt the new crowd favorite. After seeing the crowd get rowdy like that too it, I don’t think one person who was there would argue that statement.

(Cue Rainstorm)


Maybe, it was because people were so antsy to get down after the rainstorm, but as soon as MiM0SA came on. It did not take more than ten minutes for the “Beat Tent” to fill to capacity. He of course played almost all trap, which is something everybody in that place was down for. I think, the MiMosa crowd is one the most fun crowds I have been able to be a part of lately. He is just so much fun, jumping on tables and getting the crowd amped is definitely his thing. I’m not totally sure about this, but I’m gonna say he is the one who dropped this dope track with a Biggie hook (that I had totally heard somewhere). I later found out this was a track by Bro Safari called “Scumbag”, just the fact that he finds he uses tracks like this, in his set’s. Tells you how important it is to him to keep his sets fresh as f**k.

Zeds Dead

So, I was very weary of Zeds Dead’s set for Counterpoint. I had seen them a bunch over the summer and their sets were all almost identical. I chalked most of that up to being on tour forever, but I definitely needed some life from their set to renew my faith a little. For the most part I got it. I also began to remember why I like ZD so musch in the first place. None of their transfers were the same, and it seemed as though some of their newest songs like “Cowboy”, were much more lively, now that people knew the tune. I could really feel that old back and forth between the crowd and ZD that I longed for, and as they dropped “Undah Yah Skirt” (Still Kills Any Crowd). I felt completely satisfied, my faith being completely restored in Zeds Dead…. Probably for life.


So I am not afraid to say that I am a Basshead. At Counterpoint, this was true about everybody. I know this because literally every person that attended Counterpoint, was at Bassnectar’s set. Trust me, I checked the other tents, and there was NOBODY in any of them. From the Main stage as far as the eye could see, there was a sea of people. Moving and rocking to the amazing experience that is Bassnectar. His set as a whole, was without a doubt the most anticipated and consequently the most talked about. I think his trip to Europe may have influenced this set, as I’m pretty sure I heard some Sub Focus played. I tried asking some peeps about what they thought during, but most of the people I attempted to do this with were too busy gyrating their bodies to the Bass Beat, or as one Counterpointer decided to do to show how he felt about the music he was hearing: Roll down a hill, smile at me, give me the thumbs up, and then immediately take a huge bite of a clump of grass he had in his hand the whole time. Yeah, it was that rad.

Paper Diamond

I am going to keep this one real short. Paper Diamond is probably one of the more underrated producers around right now. I know how dope he is though, so I made sure to make it to his set. I brought a large group of people who had never seen him before as well. I was too busy, dancing to really write down too many specifics about the set. I do know that I was asked to leave the pit early, because of how hard I was going to the Gents and Jawns remix of “Express Yourself” (Totes Worth It), and I wrote this on one of my notebook pages.

“Started Strong”

“Ended Strong”

“Stayed Strong”

Those words of wisdom are truthful as f**k. I really hope he is at way more festivals next year… His set was one of my favorites for sure.


I love Gramatik, his jams are unique and intense. He seems to be a very well loved artists in the scene, and his sense of humor is right up my alley. I saw him three times over the summer, and I hate to say it, but I really feel like the set he played at Counterpoint could have been more intense. Maybe it’s because I’m comparing it to the set he played at Camp Bisco, when he played the late night set right after Zoogma. Don’t get me wrong, Gramatik is a straight baller for real, and I enjoyed every second of the set. I guess I just wish more Counterpointer’s could have gotten to see him really get down. I think he underestimated, how ready to get ROWDY the counterpoint crowd really was.

Alvin Risk

Hands down Alvin Risk is my favorite Electro/Moombah artists right now. He is an incredibly talented producer, he has the support from the most important people in the EDM community, and he wears the s**t out an argile sweater. Alvin Risk, made me feel just as good (if not better) than Dillon Francis did at Camp Bisco. They even had the same time slot as a matter of fact. Everybody who was in the “Back Beat” tent for this one, found themselves grabbing the first person/thing/whatever they saw and started dancing with it. Just like at Electric Forest, his “Make It Bun Dem” remix, absolutely destroyed the crowd, maybe even more this time around actually. When he played “Psychotic” as if he was speaking to the crowd, everybody went absolutely nuts. Alvin Risk is definitely a contender, and the only reason he would not be closing out festivals next year, would be because he is already playing the main stage.

Scott’s Side

Feed Me

So it is safe to say that going into Counterpoint Feed Me was my number one must see show. I had seen him once before (last year at EDC Orlando) and though my love for Jon Gooch was strong then, over the past year it has grown enough for me to say that when Feed Me comes out with new music I am more excited for it than anyone else in the EDM world. Feed Me is my favorite producer and though that may make this review slightly biased, you can believe me when I say it is for good reason.

His set at Counterpoint was more than I ever expected. The thing about Feed Me is at his shows he plays mostly his own music combined with others’ tracks he loves (which you better believe are probably tracks you love too). However, this does NOT mean that you go in there and hear no variety even if you are as familiar with his songs as I am. When Feed Me plays one of his own songs in his set more often than not he has added mean and thoughtful edits to always make it a new experience for his fans. Too often this doesn’t happen and DJs play the same set over and over again. Feed Me’s set was full of unreleased and edited released original tracks as well as sprinklings of hard hitting tunes such as Centipede and Masta Blasta (Rebirth) and honestly, was one of the top three of the whole weekend. Word to the wise: if Feed Me is anywhere near you anytime soon GO SEE HIM! You will not regret it.



Coming in to Counterpoint Zoogma was one of those bands that Greg just kept talking and talking about that I had never Heard before… So naturally I was curious going in to this show (which was at around 1pm on the last day) and I was absolutely blown away.

I did know not this sort of thing could be done so well. These guys, who stay in constant communication with each other via computer screens, make some of the most unbelievably tight intricate music that was full of impact all while maintaining an attitude that they were just a bunch of dudes who were down to make music and have a good time.

Throwing in their originals with remixes of Ellie Goulding and Biggie, Zoogma turned me into a life long fan.

Big Boi

So there was no doubt in anyone’s mind that Big Boi was going to own the sunlight of Counterpoint Day 3, and once he took the stage in his hometown everyone thugged the fuck out. His stage presence was un paralleled as he led the crowd through his best singles and his best verses from his Outkast days.

His show was a total turn around for the festival which all day had basically been live electronic music and it was spottieottiedopalicious.



Skrillex is always something special. Whether you like his music or not you cannot deny his spot in the EDM world has fostered a ridiculous amount of good things for the EDM community. His live shows are always an experience as well and as I was standing next to the stage I looked out and say nothing but heads and arms and a piƱata Spongebob Squarepants on a stick. The party was popping off.

People were going crazy for Skrillex so I just went ahead and joined them, and as he dedicated his last song to the aliens that were watching us and raving with us in space, and I watched people rage in the wading pond by the main stage I couldn’t help but to jump in for that last drop in Cinema.

Pretty Lights

When it came to Counterpoint, Pretty Lights was a huge piece of the puzzle. One of the very few artists to bring their own light set up, Pretty Lights seemed to be given a treatment that no one else received. Even after Skrillex, Pretty Lights closed the mains stage of the first Counterpoint Music Festival with a breathtaking display of audio, visual, and emotional perfection.

As I listened to the smooth electro soul that was emanating from the stage and watched the crowd love each other it was hard to imagine the main stage of the festival could close out any other way. The Pretty Lights Family were some of the best people I have ever been around and I cannot wait to see them again.



Counterpoint could not have picked a better artist to close this festival with a bang. Right in the middle of his Poseidon Tour with Porter Robinson, Zedd took his crazy electro sounds to the back beat tent of Counterpoint Music Festival and slayed us all.

I mean, this man played Who Let The Dogs Out and Gangnam Style and more than got away with it. There’s really not much I can say about Zedd, his set left me speechless. It is your duty to see this wild German while you still have the chance.

Oh… and he also played this incredible Charley Darker mash-up ‘Levels, or Not’ that one of our authors put up awhile back


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