Fools Gold Records – Clubhouse Vol. 3

This playlist is some party starting shit right here. I wish I had the time and/or space to write about every song but since I don’t/can’t, I’m just gonna me tell you about my two favorites. My absolute favorite it the Baxta track “Whateva” Great beat, great vibe, dope bass line, and the kicker, steel fcking drums!!!!

The other song that needs to be played over and over is “Hacksaw” by Atronomar. This song wreaks of Fools Gold flavor. You just gotta take my word for it and check it out.

I wanna hear which songs are your favorite! Comment on our Facebook page and let us know.

1. Baxta “Whateva”
2. Vin Sol “Sensuous Blaqq”
3. Astronomar “Hacksaw”
4. Mason “Get It Together”
5. Sneakz “Badump”
6. Revue “Gang”
7. Mr Mitch “Zippo”
8. 813 “Sanctum”

Fools Gold Records – Clubhouse Vol. 3

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