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Grizmatik – Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom

Ok, Holy S**t these two dudes just changed the whole game.

So I am definitely one of the lucky ones, because I saw that Grizmatik set at electric forest. So, I already knew that this was going to be a thing. I mean that set turned into Big Grizmatik, when Dominic jumped into the mix. Probably, one of the highlights of my life. This is a track which (spolier alert) is the brainchild of Griz and Gramatik. Both of which are easily my own personal top ten for production right now. This track is more than rad, I’m gonna make up a word. It’s gramazical. These two are the best thing since sliced bread. BIG THINGS in their future for sure, were calling it now. Enjoy.

Grizmatik – Digital Liberation Is Mad Freedom

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