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Mr. FijiWiji – The Mentalist

I’ve been following Mr. Fiji Wiji for quite some time now, and I gotta say I was so freakin’ excited when he announced he was releasing a new track! Mr. Fiji Wiji is a 17 year old producer from Pittsburgh. His style is very chill, emotional, and just pure WOMP! His usages of synth, instrumentals and extension techniques in all his remixes are just out of this world! These sounds creep up into your ear canal and rape your brain… Yes, I just said that!

So when the preview of this song came out I thought “this isn’t satisfying enough… I want the whole thing!” I literally set up a reminder on my calendar for this. I had been waiting a while for this track and now that it’s finally here in its entirety I must comment that it is so RAW! Get ready for a journey. Get ready to see your life in rewind, and then again in fast forward. There’s a reason why it’s called “The Mentalist.” In my opinion, tracks like these are very rare to come across, and very rarely recognized for their beauty. I hope every second and every sound is fully enjoyed, as I have enjoyed it!

And not only is Mr. Fiji Wiji a great producer, but he is also a great person overall! All the money made from buying this track off Beatport will be donated to the International Mental Health Research Organization. In the spirit of the holidays, and because this track is just TOO GOOD, donate!

Mr. FijiWiji – The Mentalist

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