Metroplois Part II The M Machine

The M Machine – Metropolis Pt. II EP

Well I think everybody and their grandmother, has been waiting to be able to get their hands on this one. The M Machine is probably one of the best things since sliced bread. Believe me, I have seen them play on a few occasions, it’s incredible. Their tracks are always spot on, and these six. Well these six originals have completely changed the game. I mean, it starts with The Palace. Which has a drop that is like nothing anybody has ever heard before. They had better immediately get prepared for a headlining tour, because after people get even a taste of this M agic. They will be selling out most of the Palaces they decide to play, for sure.

Metropolis Part II, takes you on a journey with a capital M. It’s got everything. Trippy dance music, hard drops, and a track that I can only call a electro ballad for the ages? (you’ll know which one) These six tunes will transport you through space and time, blend decades together, remind you of your childhood, basically. It’s gonna do all sorts of crazy s**t to your mind mwhahahahahahaha. I digress. The most important thing that Metropolis part II does (I Think). Is remind all of us, of the simple fact. That the music of today, our music. Can be amazing and breathtaking, and will shape a generation of amazing people.

Long Live OWSLA, Long Live The M Machine, and Long Live Raging To The Best Music In The World. Enjoy

The M Machine – Metropolis Pt. II

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