ABAKUS - Sudden Rush (Original Mix)

ABAKUS – Sudden Rush (From Up Coming Silent Geometry Album)

I’m not entirely sure all of you are ready for this one, but those of you who are. Well, your in for such a treat. Such. A. Treat! ABAKUS is f**king out there. A live set from this man, can be a completely life changing experience for some. I was changed…. it was amazing. If I am being totally honest, I almost hate the fact that I am telling all of you about him now. He is/was one of my best kept secrets, and I am going to miss him being on the DL, but alas. His new album is out on April 4th, and this is the best way to prepare your mind for what is sure to be. This tune is fantastic, in so many ways (which I won’t tell any of you). I guess what I’m really saying is “F**k Calculators”. Peace & Love

ABAKUS – Sudden Rush (Original Mix)

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Don’t Forget The Silent Geometry Album Is Out APRIL 4TH!!!!

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